Tours for 1-2 days

If you have come to Yerevan on business or for a festive event and you do not have much time for rest, we will organize the most interesting one-day excursions in Armenia for you. We will arrange a trip to the ancient monasteries, we will help you make an ascent and a short trek in the mountains, spend a day in nature, organize a horse ride or even a balloon flight.

Excursions are organized for small groups from 2 to 7 people on minivans, from 8 to 16 people on minibuses and more than 16 people on buses. In terms of organization, one-day excursions are no different from our group and individual multi-day tours. You will also be accompanied by a professional guide. In addition, the price of the tour from Yerevan includes a delicious lunch in the best authentic places in Armenia. Some excursions are quite tiring for one day, so in this section you will also find several tours for two days. Choose any of the excursions you like and we will give you an unforgettable day.

Plunge into the cool waters of Sevan, try local trout, breathe clean air in Dilijan, visit the second largest city in Armenia – Gyumri, where the locals will make you laugh with funny stories, ride the longest cable car in the world.

Excursions in Armenia with “Travel-Armenia” – an opportunity to see the main thing.