Family and healthy recreation

Everyone who has visited Armenia at least once knows for sure that this is a country in which it is interesting and comfortable to relax with children. In addition to numerous children’s cafes and playgrounds, juicy sunny fruits, a wonderful children’s railway and various attractions, an exotarium and a zoo, Sevan beaches and swimming pools, a family vacation in Armenia will captivate you with the opportunity to walk calmly with children at any time of the day.

Armenia is also an ideal holiday destination for school groups. Spend holidays in Armenia, what could be better. After all, having flown only two and a half hours, children get acquainted with ancient history, beautiful nature and get a boost of energy for a long time.

Rest in Armenia is a real cure for a weary urbanist!

The travel company “Travel-Armenia” guarantees you an exciting and not boring family and children’s vacation in Armenia, making it pleasant and not tiring.