Tour to Dilijan - 2 days


Dilijan is one of the most fabulous places in Armenia. Everyone who has been in Armenia will confirm that leaving the tunnel after Sevan, it was as if he was entering a completely different country. The fantastic nature of this fabulous corner will not leave indifferent any guest. Numerous forests, many architectural monuments, old streets and a super modern business school are an incomplete list of what awaits you on our short journey through this fabulous land. During these two days we will try to get around all the most significant corners of this green city.


Day 1: Dilijan – Haghartsin – Goshavank – Lake Parz

  • Let’s go to Dilijan – one of the greenest cities in Armenia
  • Walk through old Dilijan and Dilijan National Park
  • After a walk around Dilijan, we will drive through a protected beech forest to a beautiful monastery complex of the 11th-13th centuries. – Haghartsin. This is the pearl of the canyon, one of the most mysterious places in Armenia, immersed in the greenery of mountain forests.
  • The next attraction of Dilijan, which we will visit, will be the Goshavank Monastery. Perhaps the most beautiful khachkar in Armenia is located here
  • Lunch
  • After lunch, we will go to a small lake hidden among the Dilijan forests – Lake Parz.
  • Rest on the lake
  • Return to Dilijan
  • Dinner
  • Rest

Day 2: Fioletovo – Dilijan – Sevan

  • Breakfast
  • After that we will go to the village of Fioletovo, where Russian Molokans live, we will visit them, get acquainted with their way of life and traditions, treat ourselves to tea from a samovar with pies
  • Return to Dilijan, a walk in the Dilijan National Park to the amazing, unique small monastery of Matosavank
  • Lunch
  • After that, on the way to Yerevan, we will make a stop at Lake Sevan – one of the largest alpine lakes in the world. Here we will admire the azure waters of Sevan and explore the ancient monastery located on the peninsula and, in good weather, take a short boat ride
  • Return to Yerevan

Tour price for person:

Persons Price – AMD Price – USD
2 чел. 118 000 AMD 295$
3 чел. 94 000 AMD 235$
4-5 чел. 92 000 AMD 230$
6-9 чел. 88 000 AMD 220$
10-15 чел. 82 000 AMD 205$

The tour price includes:

  • Comfortable transport
  • Accommodation in Dilijan with double occupancy
  • Guide services
  • Two lunches
  • Entrance tickets to the indicated cultural centers

The tour price does not include:

  • Dinner in Dilijan