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  • Ksenia says:

    There is such a profession – to make people, or rather help people fall in love with Armenia. Armen and his eternal companion, our driver, turned out to be the best guides to the world of this wonderful country. The trip was organized at the highest level – from the timing and clarity of meetings in the required locations to the atmosphere and valuable educational information.
    I have never encountered such a level of professionalism in the tourism industry. I recommend to see with your own eyes!

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  • Alena says:

    Were on an excursion in Lastevere 08/01/21. I really liked the route itself, a lot of picturesque and interesting places. In one excursion, we drove through several cities, went through the mountains, looked at ancient gorges and even swam in waterfalls. The coolest thing is that no one rushed us anywhere and we were able to enjoy the ride along. Special thanks to the guide Vakha for his understanding, friendliness, positivity and wit. Were very satisfied and charged with the trip

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  • Serge says:

    Only returned with a small individual holiday in Armenia. Every year with a small group of friends, we spend in different countries. This year, the turn has reached Armenia. Thank you very much for the excellent organization of our journey. Armenia was very surprised. Very nice, great people and insanely tasty. As now there is a kebab in the country do not even know. And tastier than the lamb cooked specifically for us in Tendar, we probably did not eat anything. It was just awesome! A little tired during the jiping, all the same, we are no longer so young, but the beauties that we saw, they were worth it. It was a much cooler trip to Georgia. And what was still struck by Armenian wine. I did not expect that it would be so wonderful. Thanks again for the excellent organization. Be sure to come again. After all, in 5 days it is very small for such a country.

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  • Polina says:

    Hi all:)
    Just returned from a fabulous trip to Armenia, 05-12.05.2021.

    First of all, I would like to note that our individual tour was organized for us in a very short time. For which we are extremely grateful to Vigen. Each location was beautiful in its own way, and sometimes they simply could not sleep because of the delicious food and wine, I wanted to continue the banquet 🙂

    The beginning of the tour was in the heart of Armenia – Yerevan. Arthur introduced us to him, took us to the most significant and interesting places in the city and fed us with local cuisine – Dolma (our first acquaintance with the “needed” portions of food).

    After that, our unforgettable journey through the mountains, fields, forests, caves and the most unusual places began along with the wonderful and caring music lover Vahe. It is very difficult to single out places that are memorable for me, because I liked everything and even more. But I’ll try:
    The place of power of Tatev with a reversible cable car, the extraordinary landscapes of the Vorotan Gorge and the architecture of an ancient monastery.
    Noravank, to which we traveled along a mountain road hidden in the rocks. The monastery was especially beautiful in the colors of the sunset.
    Hidden in the mountains is a small and mysterious monastery of Geghard, as well as, located nearby, a miracle of nature – a symphony of stones. Power.
    The 18-meter Shake Falls, where, if you wish, you will be provided with a fresh and invigorating shower. The local Armenian Stonehenge – Zorats Karer made a strong impression. No change in the weather from scorching sun to heavy rain has changed them. And on every trip you need to try all the charms of climate variability.

    OldBridge is a tasting, but given the portions, it was not clear if we were tasting wine or an immense amount of food. Or, as usual in Armenia: everything at once. It was tasty, satisfying, varied.
    Yenokavan: zipline over the gorge, morning horseback riding in the mountains, trekking to Lastiver – a cozy mini-hotel immersed in greenery with a hospitable and wonderful owner.
    All the beauty and purity of the nature of Armenia was shown from different sides and from different angles. Delight!

    Thank you so much for this organization! Choice of hotels: wonderful Apaga Resort in the misty mountains, with frogs singing their symphonies, we will remember for a long time.
    Safe and gentle driving along the mountain serpentine – special thanks and respect to Vaha!
    Unforgettable opportunities to run barefoot on the green grass in the mountains and climb the old passages of monasteries and caves.

    As a result, it is difficult to list all the beauty that Travel Armenia showed us, but, most importantly, they gave us the opportunity to touch the true Armenian miracle – people. Sincere and open, they received us and showed us an immense love for their country and its guests. It’s hard not to fall in love 🙂
    Prosperity to you and see you soon, Armenia.

    P.S. I did see Mount Ararat, twice!)

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  • Marina says:

    We were in early October with a group of 4 people on an individual tour. We VERY liked the trip, it was just a fabulous trip, everything turned out to be at the highest level. The organization of the tour, all the hotels, the program, the guide Areg, the driver Ashot, subtle Armenian humor, everything was WONDERFUL. The tour turned out to be also gastronomic and wine !!!!!
    This is all apart from the country of Armenia itself, the beauty of which will now always stand before your eyes, mountain peaks, gorges, rocks, monasteries and caves, all this is not just beautiful, but fabulously beautiful.
    It is impossible not to say about the people, everyone is very friendly, ready to help, feed and drink, cheerful and positive)))) Areg and Ashot during this time have become just close people to us, almost relatives)))) did not want to leave?
    Thanks again for our trip.

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