About Armenia

Armenia is a country with an ancient history and rich culture, a country that is older than Noah, Egyptian pharaohs and Roman gladiators.

Armenia will amaze you with an amazing combination of traditions carefully preserved and passed down from generation to generation and a modern, progressive way of life.

From the very first minutes of your stay, you will be accompanied by smiles of people who are sincerely glad to see you. They will love and treat you with lavash with cheese, homemade wine and fresh, delicious fruits. And of course, they will tell a lot of interesting things about their beloved country.

Traveling to Armenia will open for you the amazing world of diversity of the local nature. On a small piece of land you will see desert plains, green meadows, stone cliffs, wild forests and mountains, mountains, mountains that call and take you to eternity.

Excursions around the country will introduce you to ancient temples that harmoniously fit into the beauty of the local nature. In every stone, every blade of grass you will feel the warmth and soul of one of the most ancient peoples of the planet. The warmth of the sun’s rays and the energy of the mountains will accompany you during your entire holiday.

It is worth paying special attention to the heart of Armenians all over the world – sunny Yerevan. After all, the capital of the Republic of Armenia is one of the oldest cities in the world. One of the distinguishing features of the city are buildings made of tuff – a volcanic pink stone, thanks to which it received the name “pink city”. And it is from Yerevan that the most magical view of the biblical Mount Ararat opens.

Various tours to Armenia will allow you to get to know and love this country as much as possible, give you unforgettable emotions and indelible impressions.

A trip to Armenia will be remembered for a lifetime and you will want to come back here again and again, because here you will feel at home.