Tour to Echmiadzin and Zvartnots


Echmiadzin is the religious center of Armenia. Here is the residence of the Catholicos of All Armenians, the main cathedral. Therefore, everyone who wants to get acquainted with the history of Christianity in Armenia wants to visit it. In addition to the cathedral, there are several more beautiful temples in the city – the ham of St. Hripsime, the temple of St. Gayane, the temple of St. Shoghakat. We will visit all these temples, as well as the main cathedral, where many different historical values ​​are stored, including the spear of Longinus, which pierced the body of Jesus Christ. We will also see the ruins of the once beautiful Zvartnots temple. t This tour is very convenient before departure. The airport is on the way to Echmiadzin.


Echmiadzin – Zvartnots

  • Departure to the religious center of Armenia, the city of Echmiadzin, where the Cathedral is located – the residence of the Catholicos of all Armenians, as well as the ancient churches of Saints Hripsime and Gayane.
  • Lunch
  • On the way back we will make a stop near the ruins of the ancient temple of Zvartnots, destroyed by a strong earthquake at the end of the last millennium.
  • Return to Yerevan

Tour price for person:

Persons Price- AMD Price – USD
2 pers. 36 000 AMD 90$
3 pers. 29 000 AMD 72$
4-5 pers. 26 000 AMD 65$
6-9 pers. 24 000 AMD 61$
10-15 pers. 23 000 AMD 57$

The tour price includes:

  • Comfortable transport
  • Guide services
  • Entrance tickets to the indicated museums and cultural centers
  • Lunch