COVID-19 – Information for tourists and rules for entering Armenia

Here you will find information about the situation with coronavirus in Armenia, as well as the rules for entering the country

Coronavirus in Armenia:

The situation with coronavirus in Armenia is not much different from the situation in Russia. There is also a mask regime – wearing masks is mandatory in public transport, shopping centers and other enclosed spaces.

Rules for entering Armenia:

Entrance to Armenia is open.

From May 1, 2022, by decision of the Armenian government, the requirements to present a certificate of vaccination against coronavirus and a negative PCR test upon entering the country have been canceled.

“The requirement to present a certificate of vaccination against coronavirus infection, a certificate confirming a negative PCR test result for COVID-19, when entering through the air and land borders, is removed,” the government’s decision says.

Let us recall earlier – to enter Armenia, you need to have either a vaccination certificate or a negative PCR test for coronavirus passed no more than 72 hours before entry. If you did not have time to pass the test in your homeland, then you can do it upon arrival in Armenia, at the Zvartnots airport. The cost of the test is AMD 15000 (about $30, 2150 rubles). You will receive the test result by e-mail within a few hours. But, in order not to wait for the result of your test, but to start exploring Armenia as soon as you arrived in Yerevan, we recommend that you take the test in advance.

From February 1st, 2021 Russia and Armenia are opening their borders, it will be possible to enter Armenia or Russia upon presentation of a negative test for coronavirus infection COVID-19 through the mobile application “I travel without COVID-19”.

From May 6, foreign citizens who have been vaccinated against Covid-19 coronavirus infection will be able to enter Armenia without passing a negative PCR test. It will be enough to present a certificate of vaccination.

Additional Information:

Almost all airlines have already resumed their flights to Armenia. But in order to avoid problems with a refund or change in a ticket in the event of a possible cancellation or rescheduling of a flight, we recommend that you buy tickets directly from the air carrier.

Naturally, no one is 100% insured against anything, so if suddenly your flight was canceled due to the fault of the airline or you suddenly fell ill, we will refund your prepayment. If suddenly you fall ill upon arrival during the tour, then our staff will help you with an appeal to the best specialists in Armenia. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you take out an insurance policy for the duration of the trip.

All our vehicles are constantly disinfected and ventilated, as well as equipped with sanitizers and masks. We care about our safety with you.