Armenian cuisine is one of the oldest on the Earth. The secrets of cooking many dishes were passed on from generation to generation for many centuries. One of the peculiarities of Armenian cuisine is its diversity. A large number of meat dishes is a consequence of the development of cattle-breeding and poultry keeping.

It is also the source of a variety of milk based products, such as matsun and a huge assortment of different cheeses.

In addition to meat and dairy products, in the Armenian cuisine are used a large assortment of cereals and legumes – emmer, wheat, rice, barley, beans, peas, lentils.

Also, one can hardly imagine Armenian table without lots of vegetables and a variety of herbs and greens. We invite you to our unique gastronomic tour, in which you will taste various Armenian dishes, and also take part in the process of cooking.


Day 1: Yerevan

  • Arrival to Yerevan
  • Meeting at the airport, hotel accommodation
  • After having a short rest we will have an excursion to Yerevan Brandy company
  • Then we will continue out tour to the factory of Armenian carpets, where we will learn not only how the carpets were woven for centuries but also will see a master-class of ancient Armenian dish cooking

Day 2: Garni – Geghard 

  • For breakfast we will have Armenian omelet with tomatoes. After we will drive to the monastery Geghard, a unique architectural building, which is partially craved out of a rock.
  • Then we will leave for pagan temple Garni, which is the most known monument from the times of paganism and Hellenism. Garni is dedicated to the god of the Sun, Mythra.
  • Also, we will see the natural monument of the nature – Stone Symphony. The Symphony consists of vertical cliffs, having hexagonal basalt columns which have volcanic origin.
  • Then we will take part in baking of Armenian bread “lavash” as well as will prepare an Armenian barbeque in tonir
  • We will have a delicious Armenian gata as a desert
  • We will drive back to Yerevan 
  • Free time

Day 3: Amberd – Burakan – Saghmosavank – Hovhanavank

  • After having lunch we will take the direction to the mount Aragats, the highest mountain in the territory of Armenia
  • We will reach the height around 3,000 m, where we will see a fortress of VII century, Amberd
  • Getting higher, around 3,300 m above sea level we will see a very beautiful lake, Kari Lich (Stone lake)
  • Then we will drive to Byurakan, which is located on the slope of the mount. Here we will try Ghapama. Ghapama is made of pumpkin, rice and dry fruits
  • On the way back to Yerevan, we will visit monasteries Hovhanavank and Saghmosavank, both are located on the edge of Kasakh canyon
  • In the evening, we will walk through Yerevan, dine in one of the best restaurants of Yerevan. We will have spas and harisa for the dinner

Day 4: Dilijan – Haghartsin – Sevan

  • We will drive to the one of the most green cities of Armenia, Dilijan
  • After having a walk through Dilijan, we will visit Haghartsin monastery, XI-XIII centuries, located in a reserved beech forest
  • Then we will visit a villager and try delicious homemade dishes
  • Second half of the day will spend in Sevan, which is the largest mountain lake in the world. We will try trout, and crayfish.

Day 5: Khor Virap – Noravank – Goris

  • Breakfast
  • Driving to Khor Virap, which is located in the foothills of the mount Ararat. Khor Virap is known as a jail, where Grigor the Illuminator, the first Catolicos of all Armenians spend 13 years of his life.
  • Then we will drive to one of the most beautiful monasteries, Noravank, which is surrounded by red, vertical cliffs
  • After we will take a tour in Areni, which is viticultural center of Armenia, will try good, Armenian wines and learn to prepare delicious khashlama from young lamp
  • Will arrive to Goris in the evening where we will have a light dinner

Day 6: Tatev – Jermuk – Areni

  • After having a delicious breakfast we will drive to magical Tatev
  • We will get there on the longest aerial tramway in the world. Its way passes above Vorotan gorge and the deepest part is about 320 meters.
  • Then we will be hosted in one of the villagers’ house, who will teach us how to prepare Zhengyalov hac (Armenian bread with herbs). We will try matsun and rustic cheese.
  • You will not want to leave Tatev, but we have long way to go, new adventures and new dishes.
  • We will drive to Jermuk, known for its mineral waters, which we will definitely try. We will try also local river trout.
  • Then will return to Yerevan in the evening

Day 7: Echmiatsin – Zvartnots

  • Departure from Yerevan to the religious center of Armenia, Etchmiatsin. Here we will visit the Cathedral, residency of the Catholicos, as well as churches of st. Gayane and st. Hripsime
  • In Etchmiatsin we will try kufta, meat balls. The balls are made of minced meat, which should be very soft. To have the meat go soft it is being minced and beated for a long time.
  • On the way back to Yerevan, we will have a stop near Zvartnots Cathedral, which was destroyed because of an earthquake in the past century
  • At the end of the program we will take you to the airport to meet again in the future and organize another fascinating journey through our small but rich country, rich with its beautiful and interesting places.

Tour price:

Number of persons 2-3 pers 4-7 pers 8-15 pers
Price per person 890$ 770$ 670$

The tour price includes:

  • Meeting and Transfers Airport-Hotel-Airport
  • Accommodation in 3* hotel with double occupancy
  • Three meals a day and all master classes
  • Comfortable transport with driver for the whole route
  • English speaking guide
  • Entrance tickets to the specified museums and cultural centers

The price does not include:

  • Flight to Yerevan and back 
  • Excursion to Yerevan brandy factory – 20$ per person
  • Extra alcohol outside the program