Tour to Artsakh - 5 days


We invite you to join an unforgettable tour to the fabulous Artsakh. You will remember this trip with pleasure, the inexpressible beauty of nature and the soulfulness of people be genuinely glad to see you and will certainly invite you to try the famous bread with herbs – Zhengyalov hats.

We will visit the heroic-city of Shushi, where you will see the local fortress and reveal the secret of the white-stone church of Surb Gazanchetsots. We will enjoy a fascinating canyon and take the natural shower of an incredible natural wonder – the waterfall “Umbrellas”.

We will visit the monastery, where Mesrop Mashtots, the founder of the Armenian alphabet, established the first school. We will see the oldest tree in Armenia. We will stroll through the capital of the Artsakh Republic – Stepanakert and go to Gandzasar Monastery, surrounded by wooded mountains.

We will swim in the warm and healing geysers of Karvachar and enjoy the beauty of the Dadivank monastery, surrounded by dense forests. And also get acquainted with the life and traditions of the local people.


Day 1: Noravank – Tatev – Shushi

  • First stop of our trip will be near the most beautiful monastery, Noravank, which is surrounded by red vertical cliffs.
  • Before arriving in Artsakh we will also visit magical Tatev village. We will get there on the longest ropeway in the world, located above Vorotan gorge, having around 320m height. Tatev village is known for its Tatev Monastery, an impregnable stronghold erected over a precipice at the very edge of the gorge of the Vorotan gorge
  • After we will have a trip to the Republic of Artsakh.
  • Will stay in a hotel in Shushi

Day 2: Shushi – Stepanakert

  • After having breakfast we will stroll through the city and visit Shushi Fortress
  • Then we will visit the church of St. Ghazanchetsots and a little church, which is called Green church
  • After we will have a very delicious lunch and a short rest
  • We will visit Carpet Museum, where you will see and know how Armenian carpets were made for centuries
  • Having visited Artsakh it is impossible not to visit the main symbol of the republic – the monument “We and our mountains” or as it is more often called “Tatik and Papik” (“Grandma and Grandpa”).
  • In the second half of the day we will be in Stepanakert, the capital of Artsakh Republic where, among other things, we will visit the local market, where we will try the most delicious bread with herbs – Zhengyalov hats.

Day 3: Hunot gorge – Waterfall “Umbrellas” – Amaras – Tnjri

  • After having breakfast we will drive to a very picturesque canyon, Hunot
  • We will have a walk to the natural wonder, Waterfall “Umbrellas”
  • After lunch we will drive to the monastery Amaras, known for its fig gardens. Here Mesrop Mashtots had established the first school, teaching Armenian literature
  • On the way back we will stop to observe a very old tree called Tnjri tsar, which is around 2,000 year old. Height is 54 meters, perimeter is around 27 meters and it makes a shadow of 1,400 sq. m.

Day 4: Hadrut – Katharo Winery

  • After another delicious breakfast we go to the south of Artsakh to the city of Hadrut where we will walk along the old streets of the city.
  • Also we will visit the ancient village of Tox, where, in addition to getting acquainted with the ancient monuments, we will visit the unique winery “Kataro”. We will try this wonderful wine, we will get acquainted with the owners of the winery. In the evening, in a good mood, we will return to Stepanakert 

Day 5: Gandzasar – Dadivank – Sevan – Yerevan

  • We will continue our road through these spectacular places
  • We will drive to the village Vank, where we will visit the monastery Gandzasar, surrounded by mountains covered by forests. The monastery turns up to be one of the most important spiritual center not only of Artsakh but whole Armenia.
  • Traditional delicious lunch
  • Then we will leave for Karvachar, north-east of Artsakh
  • First stop will be near Jermajur, healing geysers
  • After taking natural pleasant bath, we will visit Dadivank, a little village, located in a hilly bank of the river Tartar. This place is unique for its spiritual aura and architectural assembly and the monastery of st. Dadi
  • Then we will return to Yerevan, having a stop on the way near Sevan lake