Tour to Artsakh - 3 days


We invite you to the tour of Artsakh. For three days we will visit the most fabulous places of this truly magical region. The city-hero of Shushi, where you will see the local fortress and reveal the secret of the white-stone church of Surb Gazanchetsots. We will long enjoy a fantastically beautiful canyon and take the natural shower of an incredible natural wonder – the waterfall “Umbrellas”. We will visit the monastery, where the founder of the Armenian alphabet Mesrop Mashtots founded the first school. We will see the oldest tree in Armenia. We will stroll through the capital of the Artsakh Republic – Stepanakert and go to Gandzasar Monastery, surrounded by wooded mountains. Enjoy the beauty of the Dadivank monastery and the surrounding dense forest. And also get acquainted with the life and traditions of the local population. And, of course, we will try the famous bread with herbs – zhengyalov hats.


Day 1: Dadivank – Gandzasar – Stepanakert

  • Early in the morning we go on our trip
  • We go to the very beautiful Karvachar, where on a hilly bank of the Tartar River is a small village of Dadivank. This place surprises first of all with its spirit and the famous-majestic architectural ensemble of the monastery of St. Dadi.
  • The next point of our trip is Vank village, where we will visit the Gandzasar monastery surrounded by wooded mountains. The monastery is one of the most important spiritual centers not only of Artsakh, but of all Armenia.
  • Next we will wait for a delicious traditional dinner
  • After that we will go to the capital of the Artsakh Republic, the city of Stepanakert
  • Accommodation at the hotel, walking around the city, free time

Day 2: Shushi – Unot Canyon – Umbrella Waterfall – Amaras

  • After breakfast we will go to the hero city of Shushi. Where we will begin our acquaintance with the city with one of the symbols of Artsakh – the white-stone church of Surb Gazanchetsots and a small but very beautiful church – the Green Church.
  • Then we’ll visit the local mosque and fortress.
  • Then we go to the picturesque canyon, where you can enjoy the breathtaking beauty in its pristine form.
  • Next, we’ll go down the gorge to the next miracle of nature – the waterfall “Umbrellas”. To solve the secret of the name, it is enough to look at the waterfall itself.
  • After lunch we will go to the monastery of Amaras, famous for its fig trees. It was here that the founder of the Armenian alphabet Mesrop Mashtots founded the first school, where he began to teach the population of Armenian writing.
  • On the way back we will certainly admire the famous Karabakh Platan – a tree, which is 2,000 years old. Its height is more than 54 meters, the perimeter is about 27 meters, and the crown forms a shadow, with an area of ??1400 m.
  • In the evening we will return to Stepankert

Day 3: Monument “We and our mountains” – Tatev – Yerevan

  • Breakfast
  • Having visited Artsakh it is impossible not to visit the main symbol of the republic – the monument “We and our mountains” or as it is more often called “Tatik and Papik” (“Grandma and Grandpa”). We will leave there after the traditional delicious breakfast.
  • Then we’ll visit the local market, try the famousbread with herbs – zhengyalov hats.
  • After that, say goodbye to the Republic of Artsakh, and we will go towards Yerevan.
  • On the way to Yerevan, it will not be possible to drive past Tatev. Where will we get the longest ropeway in the world. Tatev is primarily known for the Tatev Monastery – an impregnable stronghold erected over the cliff at the very edge of the gorge of the Vorotan gorge.
  • Acquaintance with Tatev and Tatev monastery.
  • Dinner
  • Return to Yerevan