The legendary cognac Ararat celebrated its 135th anniversary

The legendary “Yerevan Brandy Factory”, which produces the world-famous Ararat brandy, celebrated its 135th anniversary. In 1887, at the winery of the merchant of the 1st guild Nikolai Tairov (Nerses Tairyan), built on the territory of the Yerevan fortress, production was launched, which has now become one of the hallmarks of Armenia – Armenian cognac.

Nikolai Shustov, one of the largest alcohol tycoons of the Russian Empire, who bought Tairyan’s production in 1899, brought widespread fame to Armenian cognac. For a very long time, Armenian brandy was called Shustov brandy.

Another significant name in the history of Armenian cognac is Margar Sedrakyan, who was engaged in blending and creating new cognacs. For many years, the entire line of “Yerevan Brandy Factory” was the fruit of the long work of the great master. But, despite the fact that in recent years many new cognacs have appeared, including unusual ones, with the taste of apricot and coffee, the legendary Akhtamar, Ani, Vaspurakan, Dvin and Nairi confidently hold the palm of popularity among factory products.

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