10th Anniversary Barbecue Festival Held in Armenia

On August 18, the 10th anniversary barbecue festival was held in the village of Akhtala.

Numerous teams of participants from Armenia and neighboring Georgia prepared a sea of ​​various shish kebabs – pork kebab, lamb kebab, traditional Armenian vegetable kebab of pepper, eggplant, zucchini and tomatoes, fish kebab, mushrooms and even watermelon kebab.

Numerous guests who visited the festival took part in specially organized master classes, where chefs shared their secrets of cooking this, perhaps the most popular dish in the world, with pleasure.

It was very difficult for the jury members to make their choice. To be fair, they had to do it blindly.

For ten years, the festival, which has already become traditional, has become one of the country’s favorite holidays, where not only citizens of Armenia and neighboring Georgia come specially, but also numerous tourists from many countries of the world who specially plan their holidays in order to get to this festival.

Follow the schedule of our tours, and we are waiting for you at the next barbecue festival in Akhtala in August 2019.