Why you should visit Armenia after the coronavirus

A year has passed since the new word coronavirus for us. The pandemic has affected everyone. Someone has been ill and needs to be restored, someone has passed this infection, but both of them want to finally go somewhere and breathe fresh air. And Armenia is the best choice where to go after the coronavirus.

Green slopes of the mountains, and on them are multi-colored rhombuses and rectangles: red, purple, yellow, pink, white. Like Saryan. Surprisingly, it turns out that the artist did not invent his landscapes, he just saw them. The red rectangles are poppies, they bloom in spring. Lilac – bluebells, or maybe chicory. Yellow – dandelions, white – lilies of the valley, or some other mountain flowers. Now all this is against a green background, because it is spring and the soil is still wet from the barely melted snow. He has not yet descended on the peaks, and on the peak of Aragats he will not descend until August. You approach the cherished rectangle and find yourself in the middle of a living carpet. How good the mountain air is after the year of the Pandemic! How bright the colors, how high the sky!

It’s spring, spring in Armenia. Flowers will soon fly from fruit trees, but so far they have not flown and they are so beautiful! Girls try to go under the branches so that pink and white flowers remain in their hair. The lilac will soon bloom, in Armenia it is especially fragrant. And now the apricot blossoms everywhere. And it is also symbolic as the cherry blossoms in Japan.

There are not so many mushrooms in Armenia. But the ones that do exist are delicious. After the May rains, they will appear in the mountains and in the forests. Yes, there are forests in Armenia. The trees are not as tall as in Russia because the soil layer is relatively thin. But on the other hand, it is easier to navigate here – forests, as a rule, grow on the slopes of mountains; it is difficult to get lost when you go up or down. There are many forests in Jermuk, Dilijan, Tsaghkadzor, and Syunik.

In small Dilijan, you can admire not only nature. There are historical monuments here, several museums, there is an International School, where students come from all over the world. The place for the school was not chosen by chance: Dilijan is called the Armenian Switzerland, the climate here is the mildest in the whole republic because of the forests, which greatly facilitates the acclimatization of newcomers. After the Pandemic, Dilijan became especially popular: it is an ideal place to restore the lungs and bronchi. Here is a large monastery complex, Haghartsin, and half an hour from the city – the famous Goshavank, whose khachkars are considered the best, the pinnacle of the skill of Armenian stonemasons. Here is a beautiful national park with small mountain lakes Parz and Gosh. Therefore, even a short tour to Dilijan will not only fill your lungs with the cleanest air, but will also allow you to get acquainted with the sights of this wonderful town.

And still good in Jermuk. The city is located on healing mineral springs, and not simple, but hot. It is here that the famous mineral water “Jermuk” is mined.

But Dilijan and Jermuk are located far from Yerevan. And in the capital itself, there is also something very useful: salt caves. Only not artificial, as it has now become fashionable all over the world, but located in real salt mines. People come here for treatment. It is believed that this course consists of twenty sessions. The session lasts for six hours. Patients descend into the dungeon on a mining elevator and spend half a day in the salt town. Here you can sleep, play tennis, or walk – there is enough space for a walk.

However, even just mountain air is good for the lungs. From a height, the Ararat Valley is in full view, the birds fly almost under their noses. Only in the mountains can one understand what an “air ocean” is, here it is especially clearly felt. By the way, in Armenia, the Milky Way is especially clearly visible, if there are no lanterns nearby, of course. And in the mountains, it generally seems to fall on you. Another mug of herbal tea and a piece of baklava – isn’t that heaven?

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photo: Vigen Hakhverdyan, Vahagn Grigoryan, Aleksandr Lapshin