Levon’s Divine Underground Cave

In addition to the many ancient temples and fortresses, there are places in Armenia that few people know about, but which definitely deserve to be introduced to you.

One of these places is located very close to Yerevan, in the village of Arinj. This is an amazing place that can definitely be called a modern landmark of Armenia. Levon’s grandfather’s cave (Levon’s Divine Underground). If you walk past this kind of ordinary and completely unremarkable village house, then you will never think that under it – there is a whole underground complex that was built by one person.

The history of the creation of the underground complex began in the distant 1985. Then Levon’s wife, Tosya, asked her husband to dig a cellar for food storage. The master was so carried away by this idea that he worked on the creation of his creation for 23 years. He slept no more than 4 hours a day. Over the entire period, Levon faced numerous problems: he had to work without electricity by candlelight.

The deepest point in the underground complex reaches a depth of 21 m, which is identical to a 7-storey building. The total area of ​​the underground space is 300 square meters. Inside the cave there are spiral staircases, underground passages and rooms created without drawings and the help of engineers. The underground structure is located on several levels and has several corridors. The air temperature in the cave is around +10 °C throughout the year. It is always calm and dry here, water does not drip from the walls, so it is very easy to breathe inside. In addition, a strong electromagnetic field has been noticed here.

There is also a mystical moment in this story. The master said that one day he had a dream: a mysterious voice intended for grandfather Levon to make a temple in the cave. It was supposed to include columns, an altar, 7 halls and attributes of the sanctuary.

For the construction of his brainchild, grandfather Levon used the most common tools, such as a chisel and a hammer. He carried out all the calculations on his own, and most often just “in his head”. Unfortunately, the master did not have time to finish all his plans; in 2008, while working, he died of a heart attack.

In memory of the master, a museum was opened in his own house where guests from different countries come. Clothes, tools and photographs of the master are stored here.

If you want to visit this unusual cave on the outskirts of Yerevan, then we can do it upon returning from the tour to Garni and Geghard.