Four seasons for photo tours in Armenia

Artists say that you can draw Mount Ararat 365 days a year and every time it will be different. This statement is true for photographers as well. Photographers and amateurs from all over the world strive to capture Ararat in their lens. And every day he looks different. But Ararat, although the first thing you want to photograph in Armenia, is not the only one! Beauty of nature, architecture, people and events.

A properly organized photo tour will make the trip rich, interesting, and perfect shots with the right light and from the most favorable viewpoint will get into the lens. After all, our guides know exactly when and from where the best views open, in what seasons it is better to come to the left bank of the river, and in which to the right. Although, regardless of the season, Armenia offers not just a rich, but even an oversaturated program for photo tours.


Unexpectedly, but snow-covered Armenia is beautiful. Unlike more polluted and lower-lying countries, Armenia has clear and bright winters. The mountain air is crystal clear, and in the mornings views of dozens of snow-capped peaks open up, the crown of which is Ararat. Snow falls even in the northernmost regions of the country for only a couple of months. And in these rare months, in addition to the white mountains, fluffy forests with caps of snow on spruce paws, non-freezing fast rivers among the whitened banks and snow falling in large flakes on the cities await you. Winter Armenia is absolutely magical, shimmering with hoarfrost, shrouded in sparkling white snow and reflected in the ice of lakes.


Spring comes in Armenia abruptly and the photographer can catch the canonical, almost bookish spring in his lens. With a cheerful drop, streams of melting ice, the brightest greenery breaking through the melting snow. Small mountain rivers turn into turbulent streams and wash away the winter from the gray mountains. By the middle of spring, Armenia is dressed in stormy greenery, plantations of mountain poppies bloom, apricots and cherries begin to bloom. The cities are filled with the smell of spring and petals that swirl in the warm spring winds.


Armenia is so different in summer. In the north it is green, with summer showers and dense thickets. In the mornings there, in the clear air, you can see the tops of the mountains and take pictures of the birds that hover over the fields. In the south, Armenia, immersed in fruits and berries with summer heat and orange soil, appears completely different. But at the same time, in every part of the country, summer is the time for bright, saturated, Saryan colors. For those who are ready to photograph the mountains, our special mountain tour has been created. As part of it, you will be able to capture mountainous, incredibly beautiful and mysterious Armenia in your lenses.


This is the perfect time to travel around Armenia. The sun is not so hot, but the cold weather is still very far away. Autumn Armenia is a mixture of green, bright yellow, ocher and red. These are gray branches of trees with red beaded berries and yellow leaves. Autumn is the harvest season in the villages. And autumn also means humid forests, mountains in a haze of fog, rain over Sevan and thousands of birds flying away for wintering in the air.