5 reasons to come to Armenia in winter

Travelers traditionally associate Armenia with hot summers or velvety autumns filled with the smell of flowers and the taste of southern fruits!

But this is not the only thing that Armenia has to offer. And the trip should not be postponed and wait for the summer! Winter in Armenia, even high in the mountains and far to the north, is quite warm and dry. Snow falls in late December, early January and usually lasts until the end of February. In the mountains, snow caps disappear only by mid-spring. We invite you to plunge into a real winter fairy tale in Armenia.

We have prepared for you 5 reasons why you should visit Armenia in winter!

1. Winter sports

The climate and relief have made Armenia ideal for winter sports! Armenia is a godsend for skiers, snowboarders and extreme lovers. In addition to the world-famous resort of Tsaghkadzor, with European-level tracks, there are ski slopes in Jermuk, the village of Lernanist and small ski bases in the Shirak region.

And if the skis or board have already been run in, then you can change to quad bikes or horses and go on a trip through the snowy forests of Tavush and Shirak. Or choose one of the zip-line tracks and fly over the snowdrifts! Or ride a dog sled, walk in the mountains in snowshoes, roll in balls and fly through the snow on a sled. And then bask in cozy guesthouses or hotels and look at the stars in the sky ringing from frost.

2. Khash

Khash is a cult and undoubtedly a source of pride for every self-respecting Armenian. Khash is a tradition. It is prepared either at home, or they go to “those very” places. Having arrived in Armenia, khash must be tasted without fail. It is boiled from beef legs for many hours, achieving a thick, rich and full of collagen broth. Frosty air, early morning and highlands are the best companion for khash.

Chop dry lavash into scalding khash, season with salt, add grated garlic, pick up already soaked lavash with a lot of thick khash from the plate with three fingers, drink home-made Armenian iced vodka and eat with thin slices of green radish with salt. This is the only way to feel and understand why Armenians love khash so much!

3. Days of all lovers

Yes Yes! It’s the days. International Valentine’s Day has taken root in Armenia. And the city, barely freed from New Year’s decorations, dresses up in endless hearts and takes on a pastoral postcard look. But the “fault” is not only St. Valentine’s Day, but also the ancient pagan holiday Trndez, which is also celebrated in the Christian tradition in mid-February. On this day, newlyweds and lovers jump over specially kindled bonfires. It is believed that if a couple was able to jump over the fire without disengaging their hands, then their love will be eternal! And believers always bring candles home from the church in small candlesticks.

And yet, in Armenia they celebrate the Day of St. Sarkis, also dedicated to love. The love of a beautiful girl saved him and his army from death, woke up the hero-commander with a kiss and did not let them fall at the hands of a dishonest king.

On the night before the day of St. Sargis, the lonely eat a special, very salty, cake and go to bed. Under no circumstances should you drink water. It is believed that on this night in a dream, his betrothed will appear to those who have eaten the cake. This year, the celebration of St. Sargis Day will fall on February 8th.

4. Natural beauty and photo tour

Mount Ararat is snow-covered and inaccessible, icy waterfalls in the middle of snow crusts, the black surface of Lake Sevan frozen for the winter, or the forests of Dilijan that have not shed their leaves, but have gained snow. Only in Armenia you can in one day visit a snow storm in the center of a cloud somewhere in the highlands, descend into a valley where nature is still filled with autumn colors and return again to the snow of beautiful mountain peaks.

All this and more awaits you in our photo tours. Capturing such a different winter will help our guides, who know exactly when, where and how to get to the best shooting points.

5. Hot springs of Jermuk

“Natural Jacuzzi” of Jermuk is located in the mountains. And it is fed from underground mineral springs with a complex composition: carbon dioxide, chlorine, sodium, magnesium, bromine and others. They are often compared with the springs in Karlovy Vary due to the proven benefits and comfort, the temperature of the springs ranges from +30 to +64. There are more than 40 springs in Jermuk. And each of them is intended for treatment and recovery. Not to mention the fact that freezing in the frosty mountain air is very pleasant to descend into the waters of a real geyser!

Do not put off your trip, and we will make your winter fairy tale real and beautiful!