10 places where you should definitely take a selfie in Armenia

Our autumn photo tour is starting soon! Tour participants will bring hundreds of amazing photos of nature and architecture with them. And among the breathtaking sunsets, the crystal Ararat in the cold morning air and the ornate lace of khachkars, there will definitely be selfies! And we have selected for you 10 places where you need to take a selfie!

1. Selfie with Yerevan at the Cascade

From the main observation deck you can see all the key points of Yerevan. So stand with your back to Yerevan, smile and take a selfie with Yerevan at night. Yes Yes! It is with the night. After all, at night the city shimmers with thousands of orange lights. From the same platform, a beautiful view of Ararat opens in the early morning.

2. Selfie with Ararat

There are a lot of places from where a stunning view of Ararat opens (including the observation deck on the Cascade), but the best view of it opens from the Charents arch and the Khor Virap monastery. On the way to the temple of Garni there is an inconspicuous stop, on a small hill, surrounded by trees, there is an arch that frames Mount Ararat like an ideal frame. And if you want a canonical view of Ararat, then go up to the Khor Virap Monastery, which is located in close proximity to the mountain.

3. Selfie with architecture

One of the oldest and most famous Tatev monasteries should be on your selfie list. Firstly, because the monastery shrouded in fog (or rather a cloud) looks very unusual, and secondly, because interesting selfies can be taken there from several points. Another equally bright and beautiful place for a selfie is the Noravank Monastery, surrounded by bright red rocks.

4. Selfie with height

Everyone knows the Wings of Tatev cable car, taking a selfie in the cabin is interesting, but not extreme. A completely different thing is a zip-line in Yell extreme park, which is located in the village of Yenokavan, a balloon basket or paragliding

5. Selfie at the top

Armenia is known to be a country of mountains. and of course, selfies on the top of the mountain are among the most vivid and memorable. And the most beautiful photos can be taken on the top of the extinct volcano Azhdahak, with a crater, on the top of the highest point of Armenia, Mount Aragats, and on the top of Mount Teghenis during a ski tour

6 Selfies with a name

More specifically, the first letter of your name. This selfie has become almost canonical for all visitors to the monument to the Armenian alphabet. Intricate letters carved out of orange tuff against a backdrop of stunning mountains… all you have to do is find your letter! And if you haven’t reached this alphabet, you can always take a selfie with the alphabet installation on the wall next to the Matenadaran Museum!

7. Selfies with men

Don’t be scared. This is the name of the sculpture with the heroes of the famous Soviet film “Men”. As in the movie, the characters walk around their beloved city in an embrace! Join them. And if you continue the movie-selfie, then you definitely need to get to the city of Dilijan and take a picture with a sculpture in honor of the film “Mimino”.

8 Selfies with nature

There are a lot of natural beauties in Armenia, you can’t take a selfie with every textured stone. But as ideal natural monuments for photos, we choose the Stone Symphony in the gorge in Garni – these are stones that, due to their texture, look like a huge natural organ. And also, the Shaki waterfall in Sisian is a low, only 18 meters, but very beautiful waterfall over which, in good weather, you can see many small rainbows.

9 Selfies with street art

Yerevan is a city with diverse and versatile street art. But taking a selfie in Yerevan’s street art gallery in the Kond district (which is an attraction in itself) with your favorite pattern is a must.

10 Selfies with a pullulak.

Pulpulak is a small drinking fountain, of which there are a lot in the city. Without them, one cannot survive in the Yerevan heat. Among them there are very beautiful ones – for example, the most beautiful pulpulak stands to the left of the entrance to the National Art Gallery or the new pulpulak in the square of the 2850th anniversary of Yerevan.