Hot-air balloon flight


We offer you a unique opportunity – flying in a hot air balloon. Probably each of us once dreamed of flying and seeing the earth from a bird’s-eye view. We will help you to make your dream come true.

Our balloons are registered as an aircraft in civil aviation, and our experienced pilots have an international license. Flights take place with the consent of civil aviation as well as under their control. The balloon, as well as all participants are insured by an international company. Flights are arranged 1-2 hours after sunrise and 2-3 hours before sunset. The program is designed for 4-5 hours. The flight itself takes one hour.



Our team will take your from anywhere in Yerevan and will accompany you until arrival of the flight location.

The participants will be present in preoperational works of the flight, which takes 30 minutes.

Duration of the flight is around an hour (40-90 minutes, depending on the direction and strength of the wind).

You will have GOPRO recording of the flight.

Tea and coffee as well as champagne and sweeties are included in the program.

Total weight in the balloon during the flight should be less than 240 kg.

Teenagers should join the tour with their parents.

In case of bad weather the flight will be postponed to another day.




Flight route


Yeghvard-Arzni Hrazdan-Sevan Aparan reservoir Garni-Geghard Goris-Tatev Odzun-Stepanavan
 1 pers. 190$ 190$ 190$  


 2 pers. 340$ 360$  340$  425$   –  



 3 pers.   470$   480$ 480$  530$ 640$  



 4 pers. 420$ 640$ 640$ 680$ 765$