Winter has returned to Armenia

After a sufficiently long period of thaw and spring weather, in many regions the air temperature rose to almost +20 degrees, winter returned to Armenia again. Heavy snowfall made it difficult to move around some regions of Armenia. In particular, in Tavush, Lori and Shirak.

But those who decide to come to Armenia for the upcoming holidays should not be upset, because, as we have written many times, winter in Armenia is very beautiful. The mountains covered with white fluffy snow become even more voluminous, and the ancient temples become even more ascetic.

This means that lovers of skiing and snowboarding have extended the season for a few more weeks, photographers will have time to capture beautiful winter landscapes, and lovers of delicious food can enjoy another plate of hot khash or such an unusual sour-milk soup for a tourist.

Therefore, do not postpone your tour to Armenia for another time, come to us for the coming holidays.


photo: Andranik Keshishyan