Traveler magazine included Armenia in the list of 20 best destinations in 2020

In early December, the well-known Traveler magazine traditionally publishes a list of the best travel destinations for next year.

The list is compiled taking into account the main world events: the Olympic Games in Japan and the World Expo in Dubai are the two main events in 2020. The list includes ideal travel destinations for different seasons. At the same time, the authors of the list try to choose unusual directions. Many tourists use this list to plan their weekends or vacations.

And this year, the list includes recommendations for visiting Brazil, Botswana, Northern Canada, the Canary Islands, Copenhagen, the island state of Dominica, Dubai, Argentina, Gayana, the French city of Metz, the South Korean Mokpo, the city of Nashville in the USA, Japanese Okinawa, Rwanda, Slovenia, Sri Lanka, southeast Australia, southwest Michigan and the city of Tangier in Morocco.

But since the places are traditionally arranged in alphabetical order, the first recommendation in the material is a trip to Armenia.

The author of the recommendation, Benjamin Kemper, noted that Armenia will become the most discussed tourist destination in 2020. And this, according to the author, is not because Kim Kardashian occasionally visits the country.

Thanks to the arrival of Ryanair, Armenia will become more accessible for tourists. Kemper believes that Armenia will be an unusual addition to a trip to Europe. Tourists are advised to stay in pink Yerevan and visit the main sights such as the Republic Square, the Cascade (a colossal Soviet modernist staircase – the author’s quote) and the Tsitsernakaberd memorial complex dedicated to the Armenian Genocide of 1915.

And, of course, one cannot ignore the ancient temples – Khor Virap, Noravank, Geghard, the ancient Roman temple of Garni and the Armenian equivalent of the Vatican – the oldest cathedral in the world – Etchmiadzin.

And, of course, the author advises you to go explore the natural sights of Armenia. First of all, Lake Sevan, the forests of Dilijan and walk along the Armenian part of the Transcaucasian trail, which we talked about in one of the materials.