Today Vardavar is celebrated in Armenia

1Today, Armenians celebrate one of the most fun and favorite holidays of the summer – Vardavar. This holiday is also considered one of the largest church holidays.
On this day it is common to water each other with water. They water not only acquaintances, but also passers-by on the streets, in shops, cafes, transport. At the same time, this behavior is not accepted to swear or be angry, because it is believed that the water on this day has a sacred power and to be watered – only for good. Vardavar is a pagan holiday, densely populated in the Christian religion.
According to an ancient legend, the pagan goddess of love Astghik spread love in Armenian land by pouring water from roses and giving roses. After the adoption of Christianity, the holiday underwent some changes. To date, it is celebrated as a church holiday of the Transfiguration of the Lord, because it was on the 14th week after the crucifixion that Christ saw his disciples on the holy mountain of Tabor.
Vardavar is very cheerful and beautiful holiday. We are waiting for you in Armenia these days and you will take part in this wonderful holiday.


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photo:A.Markelov, К.Мinasyan