The holiday of the Holy Easter was celebrated in Armenia


The Armenian Apostolic Church celebrated the feast of the Holy Easter.
This Sunday, Armenians around the world celebrated the Resurrection of Christ.
Easter (Resurrection of Christ) is the oldest and most important Christian holiday celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.
Unlike Christmas, Easter does not have a specific day in the calendar, but is calculated according to the lunisolar calendar, therefore every year it is celebrated on different days. It is celebrated in the following after full moon Sunday, coming after the vernal equinox.
The Old Testament Passover was performed in memory of the exodus of the Jewish people from the Egyptian captivity, although the custom of celebrating Easter appeared in the era before the exodus and was originally associated with cattle breeding, and later with farming. In Christians, the name of the holiday acquired a different interpretation – “the transition from death to life, from earth to heaven.” Easter is celebrated forty days after the Great Lent.

The Armenian word “Zatik” (Easter) comes from the word “azatutyun, azatwel” (freedom, liberated) and means getting rid of suffering, evil and death. Greeting each other on Easter, Russian Christians say: “Christ is risen!” – “Truly Risen!”. Armenian Christians say to each other: “Christ rose from the dead!” – “Blessed is the Resurrection of Christ!”.
During the Great Saturday and after the Easter service, Easter eggs, wine and baked eggs are consecrated in the temples – the Armenians most often are the national pie ghat. In addition to painted eggs, pilaf (rice with raisins and dried apricots) and fish are served on the Easter table in Armenia.







photo: www.panarmenian.net