The festival of barbecue was held in the village of Akhtala

The traditional Armenian festival of barbecue was held in the village of Akhtala. It was attended by professional chefs and amateur culinary specialists from different regions of Armenia, who presented guests with more than 40 varieties of armenian barbecue.

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Barbecue in Armenian named khorovats, is one of the most favorite and traditional dishes of Armenian cuisine. Suspended on skewers, baked in a tint or cooked on a grill – all kinds of barbecue have unique taste qualities. And the uniqueness lies in the fact that they cook them in the fresh air, on fire from the twigs of the vine, but most importantly – with love. And of course it came to the taste of visitors who had specially traveled a long way to get to the very border of Georgia to try a real Armenian barbecue.

фестиваль шашлыка-3In addition to tourists and guests, professional cooks came here, who gladly demonstrated their skills in the shish kebab business. Culinary Artavazd Grigoryan has been participating for the second year. According to him, in order to prepare Armenian barbecue, you need to know at least five secrets of pickling.
The recipe for Armenian barbecue is not that simple. At first glance it seems that there is nothing complicated in it, but in fact it is not.
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“This year I was lucky to try a lamb barbecue, baked in a sauce with nuts. This taste is difficult to convey in words, but after trying it, you will say – “Wow.” I am very happy and at the same time amazed that there are so many opportunities in cooking your favorite dish, “the participant of the festival, Artur Vasilyan, who specially came from Moscow to take part in the this festival, is playing.

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“Ths barbecue can be served with pomegranate sauce and cilantro. The taste will be unmatched, “says the chef Samvel Khachatryan.

“There is absolutely everything in Armenia for preparing a delicious barbecue. It is worth investing only in the soul, love, good mood and then the barbecue will turn out to be excellent, “Artavazd Grigoryan, the culinary specialist, added.

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The festival  was not without music, songs and dances. Musicians arrived in Akhtala to entertain guests with gay Armenian melodies. In previous years, about 2 thousand people gathered for the holiday. This year the figure has doubled. This indicates that every year the interest in the festival is growing. According to Sedraq Mamulyan, chairman of the public organization “On Development and Preservation of Armenian Culinary Traditions”, the goal of this event is to preserve the Armenian culinary traditions and provide incentives for the development of tourism in Armenia

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photo: www.panarmenian.net