The cable car Wings of Tatev is 5 years old

IMG_0519October 16, the “Tatev Wings” ropeway marks its first, small anniversary. She was 5 years old. On this occasion, from October 14 to October 18, all guests will receive a discount on tickets.
Built in record time, in just 10 months, the Wings of Tatev ropeway is one of the stages of the Tatev Revival program. You will cover the 5752 m long road in just 12 minutes, but in order to get to the Tatev Monastery it was necessary to drive along the serpentine of the Vorotan Gorge for about 40 minutes. Now you can enjoy the view of the gorge from a bird’s eye view. The maximum height above the gorge is 320 m. Every hour the road delivers 200 passengers to Tatev and back. The capacity of each booth is 25 people. During these 12 minutes you “fly” over the village of Alidzor, then below you will be the monastery of Tatevi Metz Anapat, located in the complex of Tatev University, and you will see the famous “damn bridge” – a unique natural structure that connects the two banks of the Vorotan River, passing along the bottom of the gorge. Then you will have a view of the Tatev monastery itself, located on the edge of the abyss, and so perfectly fitting into the landscape, as if nature itself built it there.
For 5 years of existence the cable car has transported more than 400 000 passengers. But before this Tatev annually visited only about 3000 tourists. “Wings of Tatev” is the longest ropeway in the world, which is reflected in the Guinness Book of Records. 








Congratulations “Wings of Tatev” with the first anniversary!