In Khor Virap was held a traditional lavash festival

lavash-1The traditional lavash festival in Armenia this year was held on August 23. The event is held every summer in different regions of Armenia.
This year the festival was held in Khor Virap.
Within the framework of the event, experienced bakers demonstrated their skills on the spot. Those who have never seen how to bake Armenian lavash and bread, were expecting incredible impressions.
Annually the master of making Armenian bread from all over Armenia gathers for the lavash festival. Visitors are treated with a traditional Armenian brutchu – a cheese wrapped in lavash with herbs.
“Such events are very important from the point of view of preserving our traditional methods of making bread. In Armenia, pita bread has been baked since time immemorial and for us, Armenians, it is more than just bread, “Seda Martirosyan, one of the festival participants, told us.


According to her, it is the lavash that reflects the entire history of the Armenian people. “Lavash was prepared and prepared not only by Armenians. But our, the Armenian, is distinguished by a unique method of preparation, and hence taste, “Seda says.
According to the woman, the taste is different lavash, cooked in tinted. “He’s not like what he’s cooking right now, in most cases – in the oven.” Yes, and toners are not the same as before. ” Nevertheless, the baker is sure, no matter how prepared lavash, he does not have any similar.
“At first glance it may seem that the pita bread is an ordinary thing, but it’s not entirely true. This is a whole art, and those who have ever watched this process live will confirm my words, “the woman says.


With a lavash bread dough, you need to treat it as a living creature. After all, it transmits all the energy, the soul you are investing in. “My grandmother used to say that the longer you play with the dough, from which lavash should be baked, so it turns out softer and tastier. Probably, this is a piece of truth, “- confesses our interlocutor.


Apart from everything else, a lot of events took place at the lavash festival: national songs and dances, various competitions, games for both children and adults.


photo: www.panarmenian.net