In Areni there was a traditional “Festival of Wine”

Фестиваль вина Арени - 1

In the village of Areni, which is in the region of Vayots Dzor, traditionally passed the “Festival of Wine”. For many years now, a lot of guests from all over Armenia come to Areni on the first weekend of October to take part in this holiday. Every year the number of tourists who visit this festival is also growing. Guests of the festival were able to taste the variety of wines presented by various producers of this noble drink, as well as take part in a large cultural program – national dances, games and festivities. Not without the traditional Armenian feast.

The aim of the festival is to maintain and develop agriculture in the regions of the country. In addition, this holiday contributes to attracting numerous tourists and investors to these resource-rich corners of our country. In Areni already operates 3 wineries, and the number of guest houses for tourists is growing every year.
Well, if you could not attend this holiday this year, do not worry, next year the “Wine Festival” will traditionally be held again and we will gladly help you to participate in it.


Фестиваль вина Арени - 2

Фестиваль вина Арени - 3

Фестиваль вина Арени - 4

Фестиваль вина Арени - 5

Фестиваль вина Арени - 6

Фестиваль вина Арени - 6

photo: www.panarmenian.net