In 2017 Armenia visited more 1.1 million tourists

Tourism in Armenia is developing rapidly. And in the first nine months of 2017, 1,172,402 tourists visited Armenia, the head of the Armenian Tourism Committee Zarmine Zeytuntsyan told a news conference today. “Thus, compared to the same period of the previous year, the number of tourists in Armenia increased by 21%,” Zeytuntsyan noted.

“For us, this is a good result, but of course not sufficient, because we can receive significantly more guests.”

Most tourists came to Armenia from Russia, Georgia, Iran, the United States and Ukraine, but India is leading in terms of percentage growth.

“It should be noted that the increase in the number of tourists was facilitated by the simplification of the visa regime with some countries, as well as changes in the rules for passing the border, for example, since February 2017, Russians are traveling to Armenia with internal passports,” the head of the tourism committee added.

“Naturally, in the coming 2018, we are all waiting for even more guests,” concluded Zarmine Zeituntsyan.