Forbes included Gyumri in the list of the most beautiful places in the world

The famous Forbes magazine has compiled a list of the 17 most beautiful cities for summer travel. The list includes the second largest city in Armenia – Gyumri.

According to the newspaper, summer is a very good time to visit the city, which is already associated not only with the strongest earthquake of 1988. There are many cafes, restaurants, many beautiful cultural sites. You should definitely try traditional Gyumri dishes, visit the puppet theater, take a walk around the old town, go to a unique hairdresser.

Gyumri is located 126 km from Yerevan and is surrounded by mountain ranges on three sides. Originating in the Bronze Age, Gyumri never ceases to amaze with its stamina and optimism. And all this is thanks to the indigenous people of Gyumri, who throughout history have preserved their city and unitedly resist the hardships that have befallen it.

Gyumri was originally one of the largest cultural centers of Transcaucasia: the first Armenian opera appeared here in 1912, and 11 years later, the first Armenian theater. And speaking of art, one cannot fail to note the fact that it was here, in Gyumri – then Leninakan, that the famous and beloved artist Frunzik Mkrtchyan was born and worked for a long time.

A walk through the old town, where ancient buildings were miraculously preserved after a terrible earthquake, paving stones – echoes of centuries-old history, a promenade through the picturesque central park, the chapel of St. Michael the Archangel, the Frunzik Mkrtchyan Museum, communication with local residents – all this will allow you to feel the spirit of the city and absorb it unique warm atmosphere.

Choose a tour to Gyumri and we will help you to feel the whole flavor of this amazing city.

photo: Vardan Petrosyan