First wine-market took place in Yerevan

1239870In the center of Yerevan, on the Northern Avenue, there is a fair-tasting of Armenian wine producers. Participation in the fair is accepted by all the largest producers of this wonderful drink, as well as private individuals offering home-produced wine.
The purpose of the event is to promote local products, develop agriculture, and also introduce to the culture of wine consumption. Also, such events are very important for the development of tourism in the country. This is the first such event, which aroused great interest not only among local residents and authorities, but among numerous tourists.
In last years, Armenia has significantly increased the export of wine. The number of producers in the country has also increased. Last year more than 1.5 million liters of this drink were exported. Basically, wine is supplied to Russia, as well as to European countries and the USA. But the search for new markets is ongoing. Early next year, representatives of winemakers and the Ministry of Agriculture plan to visit India, where there was always a great interest in Armenian products.
It is planned that such events will be regular and the number of participants and visitors will grow from year to year.