Artsakh Manuscripts Presented in Matenadaran

On March 3, an exhibition of Artsakh manuscripts handed over from the Matenadaran-Gandzasar scientific and cultural center was opened in Matenadaran, where the centers of Artsakh writing are presented: Amaras, Gandzasar, the monastery of the Apostle Yeghishe, Gtchavank, Metsaranats Saint Hakobavank, Hadavank, Dadivank, Yeritsmankants monastery, Shushi.

The exhibition presents about 8 dozen exhibits, including archival documents, manuscripts written, illustrated and stored in Artsakh, old books printed in Shushi.

This exhibition is temporary, and subject to appropriate conditions, it will be moved back to Artsakh.
Recall that in 2015, in a former school building near the Gandzasar Monastery, a branch of the Matenadaran named after A. Mesrop Mashtots.

More than 100 manuscripts, valuable archival documents and old books were exhibited in the center. Here one could also see many manuscripts written in different provinces of historical Armenia, which were bought and kept here. An exceptional opportunity was also created to unite the manuscripts of Artsakh from all over the world under one roof in the Matenadaran-Gandzasar center. To date, 13 manuscripts written in Gandzasar have been preserved, 12 of which are stored in the Matenadaran, and one in the Cathedral of St. James in Jerusalem.

We are waiting for you on our next tours to Armenia, and you will have an exceptional opportunity to see the ancient manuscripts with your own eyes!