Armenia in the top 5 among Russian tourists in the spring of 2021

After a year-long closure of borders and the impossibility of visiting new countries, every news about the “discovery” of a particular country is perceived by avid travelers as an opportunity to finally get out on such a long-awaited next trip. So the news about the opportunity to visit some new countries from February 15 did not go unnoticed.
And we are pleased to inform you that, despite the autumn events, Armenia is also in the top of sales. According to major air ticket sellers, 26% of all foreign bookings are in Armenia. The number of air ticket sales from Russia to Armenia has grown by 30% in recent days.
By the way, spring has already come in Armenia with might and main, the air temperature in Yerevan rises to +13 – + 15 degrees. In some places, the first snowdrops are already appearing. Traveling to Armenia is not seasonal, like many sea coasts, every season here is especially beautiful. A beautiful snowy winter in the mountains quickly gives way to a warm, sunny spring in the Arart Valley. And lovers of various tourism will always have something to do – visit ancient architectural monuments, engage in outdoor activities, walk along hiking trails, trying to capture the beauty of the local nature, enjoy delicious cuisine and drink wonderful Armenian wine.

We look forward to having you as our guest to make you fall in love with our small and very beautiful country once and for all. Choose tours to Armenia according to your taste, leave the rest to us.