Armenian lavash entered the top 50 breads in the world

Such tops also exist. CNN has included Armenian lavash in its World Bread Day ranking of the best bread in the world. The list also includes Iranian sangak bread, halla from Israel, tiger bread from Holland and Italian ciabatta. It is curious that in addition to traditional bread, the list also includes Georgian khachapuri and Cuban pancubano sandwich.

CNN writes about pita bread not only as a culinary feature of the country, but also as part of the culture. The article tells about the wedding tradition, during which the newlyweds throw lavash on their shoulders. And of course, they describe the process of making classic lavash using a deep heated oven and a special pillow stuffed with straw. Using this pillow, thinly rolled raw lavash is glued to the wall of the oven. As the publication notes, this process requires not only skill, but also a certain amount of skill.

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