Armenian Apostolic Church celebrates the feast of consecration of grapes

праздник освящения винограда

Today, August 14, the Armenian Apostolic Church celebrates the Transfiguration of the Holy Mother of God or as it is also called – the Feast of the consecration of grapes. This is one of the main church holidays in Armenia. The holiday is celebrated every year on the last Saturday before August 15.

Like many modern holidays, the roots of this holiday go back to the pre-Christian era. Then in August, Armenians celebrated Navasard (New Year). Today the Transfiguration of the Virgin Mary, a holiday that continued the traditions of Navasard. It is celebrated at the same time when the grapes ripen. The first blessed harvest was presented to the Goddess Anahit – the patron saint of fertility and motherhood.

In the evening, before the feast, the believers came to the church. They sang songs and spent the night in the walls of the temple. With the sun rising, preparations began for the festival: animals were sacrificed, tables were laid, and all this was accompanied by songs, dances and fun games.

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photo: www.panarmenian.net