Armenia has 10 gold medals at the international winners contest in Germany

Wine companies representing Armenia won a total of 23 medals – 10 gold and 13 silver medals at the international wine competition Mundus Vini Grand International Wine Awards in Germany these days.


Participants in 44 countries presented more than 6,200 different wines from the competition, of which a jury composed of 200 wine experts and selected winners. Other states of the former union – Georgia (which won 4 gold and 7 silver medals), Moldova (8 gold and 12 silver) also participated in the competition.


According to the total number of medals, Armenia divided the 14th place with New Zealand and Hungary.


Here is the full list of Armenian wines awarded medals:

Gold: Silver:
2015 Van Ardi Areni, Kakhet, Haghtanak 2013 ArmAs Voskehat Reserve
2015 Areni Reserve   2016 Armenia Muscat
2015 Van Ardi Reserve Syrah 2014 Tariri
2013 ArmAs Karmrahyut Reserve 2014 Takar Areni
2015 Voskevaz Karasi collection Voskehat 2015 Voskevaz Hightanak
2014 Takar Reserve 2014 Voskevaz Voskepar Voskehat
2013 Karas Reserve Winemaker’s Selection Blend       2015 Karas White Dry Wine
2009 Old Bridge Red Dry Reserve 2015 Karas Red Wine
2015 Getnatoun Areni Noir Aghavnadzor Village 2015 Getnatoun Voskehat
2014 Trinity Eh Areni Noir 2015 Koor Dry Red Wine
  2014 Koor Reserve
  2014 Chateau Rind
  2014 Kataro Sireni Reserve Togh

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