Why Armenia

Tourism and travel in  Armenia stands on three pillars: security, accessibility and diversity.

To enter Armenia it’s already easy for Russian citizens because they do not need a visa. Travelers will not have language problems either – many residents of the country speak Russian, Armenian youth, as a rule, speak English well.

Armenia – the direction of any season and duration of the trip. At any time of the year, you can spend time interesting, tasty, inexpensive. What is valuable, and the two-day, two-week, and two-month program of the visit can be equally rich and exciting.

Tourism in Armenia is multifaceted. Lovers of history, culture, architecture, active and passive rest. In addition to ancient fortresses, monasteries, museums, monuments of world significance, the country has a lot of sanatoriums, mountain tourism, skiing, modern kinds of extreme sports are developed here.

Active leisure is rapidly developing in Armenia. Hiking, horse and bike routes, surfing and rafting, ski slopes and freeriding. Reserve forests and storks. The longest reversible ropeway in the world and dizzying streamers. Wonders of nature and unique saturation with historical places. Jazz, folk music and contemporary art.

In recent years, the Armenian direction has become popular for corporate events. There are conferences, educational seminars, “team building” programs, anniversary meetings.

At the same time here it is cozy and comfortable and for those who prefer to travel alone. Armenians do not just honor the notorious laws of hospitality, in the overwhelming majority they live by them. If in big cities it is felt rather lack of aggression and benevolent interest, then in the province – even spoiled tourists – the guests have no chance to escape custody and help. I must say, quite tactful and unobtrusive.

In Armenia, affordable food and hotels. The national cuisine is original and original. A large number of dishes in the traditional version can be tried only here (due to the use of local herbs and the special taste of water and products).

Prices for tickets to museums, theaters are not high, visiting monasteries, ancient temples, fortresses and fortifications – almost everywhere free of charge. Quite budgetary and diverse are traditional handicrafts: ceramics, carpets, silver and gold jewelry.

But, perhaps, the main advantage of Armenia is the feeling of peace. In the homogenous crowd of Yerevan’s weekend, on a night walk on the fallen city, on the most remote trail, in the vivid bustle of the pre-departure market, this feeling leaves no room for a minute. Whether the earth is like this, people or an exact recipe is unknown. British scientists say that the fault is the protective spell “barev dzes”, which is exchanged at a meeting. That in a literal translation means “Good to you.” So all the barev dzes!