When is the best time to go to Armenia?

Holidays in Armenia can be planned all year round, because Armenia is one of the all-season routes. The saturation of the program and the comfort of traveling around the country do not depend on the season, but rather on the preferences of the guest. Roads have been laid to almost all popular attractions today, in any corner of Armenia you can find a cozy hotel, the hospitality and responsiveness of local residents also do not depend on weather conditions. However, visiting Armenia in winter and summer are two completely different pleasures. And in the spring and autumn – two more.

Summer here is long and hot. The huge sun paints the country in the colors of Saryan: bright earth, bright sky, bright houses, bright people. It evenly fills tourists with fruits to the very top. It warms up the water and the long narrow beaches of Sevan. Drives snow from mountain peaks and opens them for climbing. It dries up otherwise impassable roads to amazing corners of nature and ancient monasteries. Its warmth is more than enough even after sunset, for walking under the low-lying velvet of the starry sky. In summer, long hiking trails become accessible and comfortable.

Summer is a real usurper. It captures a good chunk of May, September, beats for every October day. But one morning, fresh snow falls on the tops of the mountains. Like frost on black ice popsicle. By the way, about Eskimo. Around this time, refrigerators with ice cream are removed from the streets of Armenian cities. So autumn has begun.

In autumn, the season of khash and harissa opens. An avalanche of grapes, persimmons and pomegranates falls on the shelves. Wait, the tourists shout, we haven’t eaten the peaches yet, we just bit the pears! But they do not hear their grenades. And the tangerines don’t hear. And these mountains of different nuts are rustling and rustling.

At this time of the year, the weather is generally warm, there are neither prolonged rains nor strong winds. And, of course, autumn in mountainous Armenia is an endless optical delight. Navigating the color-changing country is like traveling through a huge living painting or through a catalog of colors. Only in this catalog they also feed.

Armenia is a country with strong traditions. She also respects the calendar. It says that winter comes in December – so be it. Winter recreation here is represented primarily by ski resorts in Tsaghkadzor, Jermuk and Sevan. Travel companies and clubs develop mountain routes especially for the snow season. The special charm of local active tourism is that any such trip has a cultural component, acquaintance with the history and life of Armenians.

Winter guests are the most expensive. All the best to them! Nature takes out fabulous landscapes from the bins, new wine is just ripe, “khash” signs bloom over all restaurants and over a good half of coffee houses, winter holidays smoothly flow into each other: New Year, Christmas, Trndez, Maslenitsa.

The best spring month to visit Armenia is May. In hot regions of the country, it can generally be safely considered summer. But in fact, even earlier in the spring you can spend time here with great pleasure. Flowering gardens, lush greenery, revived mountain rivers, fields of crocuses, violets and poppies – a background of rare beauty for austere monasteries and fortresses. Storks fly into the Ararat valley. There is still snow in the mountains, but the passes are becoming predictable and safe, which means that it is possible to expand the geography of trips and, before the start of the “high season”, slowly, calmly see the objects of tourist pilgrimage in the far corners of Armenia and Artsakh. After the snow melts and spring rains on the site of ancient settlements, you can successfully search for shards and other artifacts. The skiing season is replaced by rafting, off-road, cycling.

Spring Armenian cuisine is an ode to greenery. National culinary is generally strongly mixed with wild herbs, but their spring assortment is the brightest and most tender. The same season is the perfect time to get acquainted with the forest Armenia. The protected forests of the country, lakes hidden in them, healing clean air, a carpet of primroses and a deafening hum of bees as a promise of a sweet year. All round sweet year.