What to buy in Armenia

A good trip doesn’t end by the air stairs. A good trip is when you think what to leave at the hotel from your clothes, while packing your suitcase way back to home and you end up with buying a new suitcase. A good trip is when the hundreds of photos were accompanied with richness and stories with feast! 

Besides the little magnets, one can find better things to buy as souvenirs. For example cognac or wine, or more cognac and wine, and just in case one more wine. Firstly, one should not leave Armenia without Armenian wine and cognac.

Basturma and sujukh! You can easily find these meat delicacies in any Armenian store in other countries. But in the local market, their choice is huge – factory production, as well as home made.

There are two types of sujukh in Armenia: made of meat and sweet. Sweet sujukh is made of walnuts, covered by a soft shell of fruit juice with spices. It is called also “sharots”.

Another traditional sweetness made of nuts and fruits called alani, made of dried peaches or figs, stuffed with a nuts, sugar and spices.

Among dried fruits, there is a delicious desert called “sour lavash”. It is made of plums, peaches, apricots, cornel, cherries and apples. It is a must try!

Another sweet liquid made of fruits, like a sauce, called doshab. It is boiled, concentrated fruit juice. It is uses for culinary purposes (in desserts and as sauce and gravy), as well as in medicine (folk remedy for cough).

You can find different spices in the markets, as well as in supermarkets in huge barrels and in bags; khmeli-suneli, sesame and cinnamon, saffron and barberry, rosemary and cardamom, chaman and basil, different colors of pepper.

A separate article is thyme (in Armenian “Urts”), which smells in a very unique way here, in the mountains. Replanted bush of thyme blossoms well also in northern latitudes, but completely loses its unique aroma. For tea, it is better to take the urts, dried with twigs, despite the seasoning, which should be finely chopped.

Armenia is a country of … coffee. No, coffee is not grown in the Ararat valley nor in the southern regions of the country. Nevertheless, Armenians make incredible coffee for a quiet long time. Buying it here is not expensive; also, you can choose and mix the beans of any degree of roasting. And grind on the spot. Since the level of grinding should be very high, it is almost impossible to do at home.

If you still want to grind coffee yourself, at home – buy a hand mill. And coffee cups at the same time. And tea. And a kettle. And mugs. And a pitcher. And plates. And a salt shaker. Big volume and variety of ceramics are presented in Vernissage and in souvenir shops.

You should also have a closer look at leather and textiles section. Shoes, clothing, accessories, embroidered and knitted tablecloths, napkins and other high-quality interior items made by Armenian masters, which are original and stylish.

Armenians keep the traditions of carpet and rug weaving for more than two thousand years. Huge carpets and small handmade rugs, antique and modern, you can find them in any souvenir shop. But if you have enough time, you can go through specialized shops, workshops and choose a specimen to your liking.

The works of Armenian jewelers are also original. We would like to highlight especially the silverware. They are relatively inexpensive. Besides, most craftsmen guarantee the quality of jewelry with traditional ornaments with ethnic or modern notes.

Among the items of artistic craftsmanship, Armenian miniatures on parchment are especially interesting as a “national souvenir”. Modern painters not only copy the old, museum exhibits, but also create their own stories, using, traditional materials, colors and technologies.

Recently, high-quality natural cosmetics became available on the market, made from local plants. In every tube or vial high-mountain air and hot sun are concentrated, the latest achievements of biology and caring manual work.

 During our tours in Armenia we always find time for guests to have shopping. We are waiting for you as well!