The village of Lernanist is an example of the development of regional tourism

It’s no secret that for lovers of skiing and other winter sports in Armenia there are several options for recreation, including the famous ski resort of Tsaghkadzor.

But recently other areas for winter recreation have been developed in Armenia. One such zone was the Lernanist. This is a small village in the Kotai region, populated mainly by the descendants of immigrants from Western Armenia. The village is located between the mountains, in an ecologically clean area.

The villagers themselves became the main initiators of tourism development. All the necessary infrastructure was created with the money collected by the residents. A small lift will lift a tourist up the mountains, ski slopes are thought out taking into account the peculiarities of the climate, there is a small jump park and even slopes for tubing, which everyone loves.

The Lernanist region is truly an undiscovered gem. Especially for fans of extreme tourism. After all, everything is here – from sheer cliffs for rock climbers and beautiful caves for those who dream of speleology. There are incredible scenery and ideal terrain for lovers of jeeping or snowmobile trips. Motorcycle tours and horseback riding in the local mountains are an opportunity to enjoy the most inaccessible points of the region.

And, of course, it is absolutely necessary to try the local cuisine in a small and cozy cafe. After all, in addition to the culinary talents of local craftswomen, you can admire how traditional dishes are prepared. And even participate in them.

We suggest that you do not wait until all the plans of the head of the settlement and the residents are fulfilled and Lernanist is enriched with guesthouses, restaurants, souvenir shops and a large number of new festival activities. Buying a tour to Armenia in winter to enjoy the beauties that are still little known to tourists in the village of Lernanist is an excellent plan for the New Year holidays.