Magic land of Artsakh


Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) is a region in the Eastern part of the Armenian Highland. Since ancient times this region was famous for its amazing and unique wildlife: high mountains covered with dense forests, alpine meadows, deep rocky canyons and caves, raging mountain streams, numerous rivers – all this describes typical Artsakh landscape. Here, you unite with nature, enjoy the silence after the noise of big cities. The number of tourists visiting Artsakh from all over the world is growing every year.

Artsakh can be called one of the most beautiful regions of Armenia.

Tours to Nagorno-Karabakh are interesting due to several important factors. Firstly, there are amazing mountain landscapes, where you can do simple hiking and horseback riding. Secondly, there is something to see: the sights of Nagorno-Karabakh relating to of historical and architectural monuments exceed the number of 1,500. Few borders can be compared with Artsakh for so many sanctuaries and places for pilgrimage. Many of them are hidden in the wild forest. Thirdly, they are mineral resorts, known for their curative properties.


Yes, about 25 years ago, military action took place in Karabakh. However, today Nagorno-Karabakh is one of the safest places on the planet. Here you feel very calm.

Another sight of Karabakh are the locals. They are very hospitable and welcoming to their guests. Artsakh is its cheerful people. It’s enough to stay a little over five minutes in any place, and someone will approach you and try not only to tell you what is interesting to see or try in the region, but also take you there.

Another reason to visit Artsakh is their cuisine. Lot of vegetables and fruits grow here, so local food is as natural as possible, simple and useful. You will see how one can use just what nature gives him and come up with insanely delicious and unique dishes. If you are in Stepanakert, make sure you visit the central market. Probably, nowhere else will you find all sorts of unusual delicious pickles made from a variety of vegetables and fruits, carefully collected and dried herbs, dried fruits, nuts, and various fruit lavashes (pitas), breads and much more.


The most famous Karabakh dish is zhengyalov hats; very thin pita bread with greens. Locals have no common idea on the amount of greend stuffed in it, some say that there are ten types, others – twenty. But at all it turns out very tasty and satisfying. Also very popular dishes such as kurkut and khashil; these are squashes made from a special variety of wheat; tonrahats; thin flat bread, which is baked ?n an oven having cylindrical form, made from special clay and dug in the ground (it is called tonir). Preparing tonrakhats is a labour-intensive ritual process, and you can watch it only in Karabakh.


Artsakh people are also famous for alcoholic beverage making. The best in the republic are homemade mulberry, cornelian, blackberry and plum vodkas, and of course the wine.

Nagorno-Karabakh is a flourishing region with rich history, ancient architecture, unique churches, amazing nature and great opportunities for active recreation, adventure and ecotourism.

If you want to relax from the monotonous routine life and discover new traditions and original, exotic culture of ancient civilizations, then visit Karabakh. It is what you need! Incredible adventures are waiting for you!

Cliffs of Shushi


View from Hounot canyon, Shushi is one of the most magical places of Artsakh

Temple Of St. Kazanchetsots, Shushi

One of the natural wonders of Artsakh is “Umbrellas” waterfalls”

Another view from the Hounot canyon 

The village of Karin Tak, translates from Armenian as “under the stone”

Beautiful landscapes of Artsakh


Monastery of Amaras, here in the distant V century, the creator of the Armenian alphabet Mesrop Mashtots founded the first school. Also here are the relics of the grandson of the first Catholicos of Armenians, Gregory the Illuminator-Grigoris.

The villages of Artsakh are so beautiful

View from the top of mount Dizapayt

Katarovank monastery, located on mount Dizapayt

Fortress Kachaghakaberd

Beauty, which is impossible not to fall in love


Gandzasar monastery is one of the most important spiritual centers of not only Artsakh, but also of the whole Armenia


Here are the beautiful views from the monastery


On the road from Shushi to Stepanakert

The temple on the top of Vankasar mountain

Beautiful fortress in Tigranakert

The Tartar River

One of the most beautiful monasteries of Artsakh is Dadivank

And this eponymous village


See you in Artsakh on the Paradise where you are always welcome!

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photo: Vigen Hakhverdyan, Artur Manucharyan, Sasun Danielyan, Hakob Davtyan