Lake Sevan


There is a place in Armenia where all the tourists rush to be; clear sky, brightest sun and crystal clear, cool water. If you come to Armenia, then you will definitely visit one of the most beautiful water bodies in the world – the Lake Sevan.

The relict lake is located at an altitude of about 1,900 meters above sea level and is surrounded by mountain ranges from all the sides. The creation of the lake was due to the volcanoes of Gegham Range. The lake consists of two parts; Big and Little Sevan, connected by a small strait. Sevan was also called Geghama Sea in the past.
Depending on the weather, the water changes its color from azure-blue to lilac, shimmering with all the shades of the rainbow. In winter, the water freezes partially and in summer attracts thousands of beach lovers.

Here you can not only luxuriate with the high mountain sun and dip into the cool, fresh waters of Sevan, but also arrange a picnic: khorovats from meat and fish, all kinds of dishes of Armenian cuisine, famous Sevan crabs and trout. Everything you want, you can find in numerous restaurants and cafes of the coast.

There are two ancient churches from the 9th century; Saint/Surb Arakelots and Saint/Surb Astvatsatsin, related to the monastery complex Sevanavank.

In 2012 it was discovered a sunken wooden ship on the ground of the lake, during a submarine expedition. The ship was named after the diver Vahe Melkonyan (Vahe 1). So far not all the riddles of that ship have been revealed. It is known that part of it has been almost completely preserved.

While the sunken ship is still lying under the veil of secrecy, the ship Kilikia, which is the exact copy of the merchant vessel from the end of the XIII century, is open to visitors and even arranges water excursions.

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photo: TRAVEL-ARMENIA, www.aniv.ru