Extreme Armenia or to Armenia for adventure

Armenia is traditionally associated with cultural tourism. Visit ancient monasteries, ruins of medieval fortresses, visit museums and enjoy beautiful views, delicious food and mountain air. But Armenia also has a second, previously little-known side. Armenia, which allows you to test yourself for strength and get an incredible boost of vivacity. After all, this country, as if specially created for adventure. High mountains, impregnable cliffs, gorges with fast and turbulent mountain rivers create a lot of options for extreme tourism and full of emotions and impressions. On land, in water or in the air – Armenia can surprise and make you fly, ride, dive or conquer.

Extreme tours are chosen not only by groups of friends or families. Increasingly, corporate tourists choose extreme sports. What can bring a team together better than an adrenaline rush?

In search of adrenaline and relaxation, you should definitely visit the most famous ski resort in Armenia – Tsaghkadzor. Members of the Olympic team trained there both in Soviet times and now. On almost 30 kilometers of slopes, there is a place for both beginner skiers and snowboarders, as well as top-level pros. And thanks to the special weather conditions of Armenia, the virgin soil, even two weeks ago, is not covered with a crust, but remains soft. This is one of the reasons why Forbes magazine included Tsaghkadzor in the list of 15 best ski resorts in the CIS and the reason why you need to buy a tour to Tsaghkadzor today.

And Yell Extreme Park, the heart of extreme and active tourism in Armenia, is located in Yenokavan. There is something for everyone – zip-lining, paragliding, traditional rock climbing and a rope park.

And besides, it is a test for those who are really ready to test their endurance for strength. After all, even a guarantee of complete safety does not make a 40-minute passage of 250 meters over a 70-meter gorge along a sheer cliff easy. Metal stakes are driven into the rock, where there are no natural ledges. There is no way back, you can only go forward.

The same principle – “only forward” is also guided by our guides during off-road trips. Jeeps, motorcycles, horses or bicycles. Only forward! To the most beautiful and unexplored places in Armenia. Sometimes the wheel of the car will hover over the abyss, and the horse will make its way along the steep slope above the gorge. You can also choose calmer routes – then fat fields, vineyards and mountain peaks will float past you. Or you can take a chance and go off-road in jeeps or climb on motorcycles along thin mountain serpentines to the villages lying above the clouds.

If you missed the winter tour to Armenia, then the rafting season opens in spring. Mountain rivers are filled with water from melting mountain peaks and become ideal for kayaking. In total, there are three suitable sites for rafting in Armenia and Artsakh. Dzoraget – 6th category of difficulty and Tartar (Artsakh) – 3rd category of difficulty are more suitable for trained athletes and it is better to pass them in the month of May. For lovers, the Debet River is recommended – 3 categories of difficulty, you can conquer the river from June to October.

And of course in Armenia you can fly helicopters, balloons and paragliders. You can conquer dozens of mountain peaks and descend into deep gorges. You can travel through the caves and swim on Lake Sevan.

It is there, next to the black expanse of volcanic lakes, next to the ridges of the mountains, that the real harsh Armenia is located, which is not in the guidebooks, but which so attracts and which will not let go.

Choose your active tour in Armenia and we will be happy to organize it for you.