Evening Yerevan – what to do for a tourist

What to do in the evening in Yerevan for a tourist?

What should a tourist do in the evening in Yerevan? Of course, plunge into the nightlife of the city or, on the contrary, enjoy the coolness on the veranda of the restaurant, listen to music or dance until you drop. Yerevan offers a lot of opportunities! We have prepared a list of 8 things you must do! Let’s go to conquer evening Yerevan!

1. Look at the famous singing fountains

Start your walk with a visit to the orange-lit Central Square and watch the singing fountain show. Fountains on the central square have been “singing” since the late 60s of the last century. In the 90s, the work of the fountains was suspended, and in 2006 an extensive restoration began and the fountains again became one of the main attractions of the city. The fountains are open until 22:00.

2. Drink some wine

Armenia is a country with a rich history of winemaking. And more recently, with a rich selection of wine restaurants. A large concentration of them is located on Saryan Street – it was there that the first wine restaurant in Yerevan was opened. We advise you not to stay in one place, but to walk along the street and taste different wines with special snack sets in several places. Of course, the famous restaurants In vino, Tapastan and Voskevaz winery and others are a must to visit.

3. Listen to jazz

Yerevan is the center of attraction for jazz lovers. Armenians love, appreciate and understand jazz. This is not music for the elite. That is why good jazz can be heard even in the most inconspicuous clubs. But, in order to surely catch the star of the jazz scene of Armenia, and maybe the world, go after 7 pm to such clubs as Mezzo club, Kami club, the famous Malkhas Jazz Club or Club 12.

4. Go to a concert of an urban romance legend

Each city has its own legendary personalities – people who define the face of the city. One of them is the author and performer of urban romance named Forsh. You can and should go to the club named after him on the day when he performs himself. This will help you feel the atmosphere of the city better than many hours of walking.

5. Go to one of the clubs in Yerevan

After a cultural break, it is worth heading to one of the dozens of pubs and bars in Yerevan. Here you will be met by experienced bartenders, delicious snacks, absolutely new acquaintances and maybe even live underground or rock music. For atmosphere head to the Kond House or the rock bar Stop, and for modern and stylish cocktails head to the steampunk bar Hugo or the more glamorous Pahest 33. Music and new acquaintances will be guaranteed in one of the trendiest bars among the youngsters Simone or in the oldest club on Cascade – Hemingway’s club – by the way, it is one of the few that works until the morning.

6. Dance

If you still have the strength to dance, then choose places in the city center. We advise you to go dancing to modern DJs in Paparazzi, Poligraf clubs or rooftop bars Verev or El Sky. And if you are in Yerevan on the last Friday of the month, feel free to go to the Cascade, on this day a real dance madness takes place here. Young people are dancing Armenian folk dances.

7. Walk around Yerevan at night

Yerevan city center is safe day and night. And to everything else at night it is very beautiful. Pink Yerevan at night shimmers with the light of thousands of orange lamps. This is, the main thing, the lighting is turned off at one in the morning, but the city is illuminated at the same time and if you don’t go deep into the alleys it is still very bright.

Be sure to go to the Cascade and make sure that the sculptures in the evening light take on a really new look, and the city from the top of the observation deck looks like a jewelry box due to its location in the lowland.

8. Go to the spa

Spas in Armenia close really late. Many work until 11pm. Therefore, after all the entertainment, you have a direct path to a Thai massage, which is done by certified specialists from Thailand, to a hot jacuzzi or to a healing wrap. To be sure of the quality of the services provided, choose salons at large hotels or sports complexes.

Yerevan gives opportunities both to those who love leisurely walks around the city in the evening and to those who prefer dancing until dawn. Yerevan has a place for those who prefer to drink wine in a decadent restaurant and for those who like to try the craziest cocktails.

We will help you organize your vacation in Armenia based on your preferences and wishes!