A walk in Yerevan

Each tour begins with acquaintance with the capital of Armenia, sunny Yerevan. Yerevan is a very sunny city. The number of sunny days in a year exceeds the number of 250. Therefore, Yerevanians will always meet you with a smile and a good mood. Yerevan is one of the oldest cities in the world, and it got the modern look due to an architect from early twentieth century, Alexander Tamanyan. Yerevan is often called a pink city, due to the buildings made with tuff, a volcanic pink stone. The most magical view of the biblical mountain Ararat opens from Yerevan. Where to start? Let’s do from the main square of the city.

We advise you to visit the historical museum and the National Gallery, where you will learn lots of interesting facts about the history of Armenia.

Further walking along the Northern Avenue

You will reach the buildings of the Opera and Liberty Square

Then you appear on the central street of Yerevan; Mashtots Avenue

Walking down the avenue, you will reach to the Church of St. Sargis

From there you can see a beautiful view of Mount Ararat

Nearby is the Yerevan Brandy Factory

Returning along the avenue towards the city center, you will reach the museum of ancient manuscripts – Matenadaran

After getting acquainted with the museum, continue the walk through Yerevan and getting to Cascade

The cascade is especially beautiful in the evenings, when the sun begins to set

Higher we lift, more beautiful becomes the view behind us, the view of the city and the biblical Ararat

Wait until it gets dark and the city lights up

After you make a lot of beautiful photos of the evening Yerevan, we will go down the stairs of Cascade and return to the Republic Square, to the singing fountains

which will please you with pleasant classical music and bright colors

The next morning you can start by visiting Erebuni Museum, where you will be told about the history of the city and will learn how old Yerevan is

And Victory Park

From where it opens a chic view of the city with Ararat

Visit the Church of St. Gregory the Illuminator, built in 2001, to the 1700th anniversary of the adoption of Christianity in Armenia.

Visit the famous Vernissage and buy little souvenirs

Go to Tsitsernakaberd Park, where is located the Armenian Genocide Memorial

Put flowers near the eternal flame

And try to find that very beautiful and racy courtyard, located a few minutes’ walk from the square

Of course, there are still many beautiful architectural monuments, sights that we did not mention. And you have the opportunity to come and walk around this ancient and very beautiful city, which is welcome to each of your guests.