Recommended gear for climbing ount Ararat




Top quality mountaineering clothing and equipment is an investment that will see you through years of adventures. It is wise to choose carefully, and not to skimp on quality. The companies and products you see listed below can serve as starting points of reference for you.  Applying to our experience, we have prepared a list of necessary things to give you guidance. The list is made especially for climbing Ararat. Unlike other hikes, during this campaign horses will take all the heavy things you have with you. You will have only a light backpack on your shoulders.

Large backpack (70-90 l)

In the large backpack you will have your clothes and everything you took with you. It will be taken by the horses. If you do not have a large backpack, you can put things in a suitcase; anyway, you will not have to carry it on yourself.

A small backpack (25-40 liters)

This small backpack will always be with you. It will contain the things necessary to get from one camp to another.

Sleeping bag

Sleeping bag should be warm, designed for spending the night in cold weather.


Trekking shoes

Shoes should be comfortable, with thick sole, should sit well tight on the foot. Usually shoes are designed to wear them with thick socks, which is one or two size larger. Before the trip, shoes must be worn so that they take the shape of your foot and do not cause inconvenience during the climbing. It is forbidden to go to the climb in new shoes.

Indoor shoes

Up to the second camp (4200 m) you can wear regular sneakers (with a thick sole).


It is necessary to have 2 jackets with you; one light for walking, the other for winter, which will protect from wind and low temperatures.

Warm hat

Winter hat (2 pcs)


Up to the second camp (4200m) you can climb in ordinary pants. During the last climb (from 4200 to the top) you will need to have warm pants, tourist pants that will protect from wind and frost or ski pants are desirable.

Thermal Underwear

It is necessary for the night and the last day


There might be precipitation in the form of rain.


It is necessary to have several T-shirts of different thicknesses


Multiple pairs


Gloves and mittens (2 pairs)


Sunglasses with their cases (2 pcs), preferably climbing, tourist goggles


Cap / Panama

Swimsuit / swimming trunks



Personal medicine chest

Rain cover for the backpack or plastic bags for packing things

Headlamp (with several batteries)

Hygienic accessories

Hiking water vessel

Hygiene Lipstick